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Three Reasons the Lakers Will Win The 2010 NBA Championship

2009 Los Angeles Lakers NBA Framed 8x10 Photograph 2009 NBA Finals Champions Collage While the defending champions may not have the best record in the league and many NBA observers of the opinion that the Los Angeles Lakers are not the best team in the league and the Cleveland Cavaliers are.  I’m going to give you three reasons(there are many
more but I’ll limit it to three at the moment) why the Los
Angeles Lakers will win the 2010 NBA championship.

First and foremost, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most
talented and deepest roster in the league.  When Lamar Odom
is your sixth man you have incredible depth.  Along with
Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest the
Lakers have 4 guys who are arguably top 3 at their
respective positions.  No other team in the NBA can say
that.  In this league you need talent to win the Lakers
have an abundance of it.  Not only are those guys talented,
but they are experienced.  Except for Ron Artest, the
Lakers main core group of guys all have rings and they all
know what it takes to get it done.  That type of experience
is invaluable in the playoffs.

Secondly, the Lakers have the greatest coach in the history
of the NBA.  Phil Jackson has 10 championship rings, more
than any other coach in the history of the game.  He knows
better than anyone how to get it done.  He and his coaching
staff are second to none when it comes to playoff
preparation.  Most importantly, Phil’s calm demeanor during
pressure packed situations trickles down to his players and
they have the belief they can make plays when needed to win
highly contested and intense playoff games and series.

Finally, and most important, the Los Angeles Lakers will
win the 2010 NBA championship because they have the best
player in the league on their team, Kobe Bryant.  Kobe
Bryant led the Lakers to the 2009 championship and has the
ability to led them to the 2010 championship as well.
There is no player in the entire league as clutch as Kobe
Bryant.  Whenever the Lakers need a shot at the end of the
game or during the course of the game Kobe Bryant can and
has delivered.  He is the ultimate closer and will be
loaded and locked when the playoff competition begins. The
NBA playoffs is the time of year Kobe Bryant lives for.
The playoffs is where legacies are made and he’s ready to
add to his.

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